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Wet basement wall seepageDry Up Your Wet Basement Today!

The most common source of wet basements is water leakage in through the joint where the floor and wall meet after a rain or snow melt. More than 90 percent of basements leak water from the joint between the floor and walls. Exterior water collects and accumulates in a pocket surrounding the foundation, causing hydrostatic pressure. Water then forces its way through the joint where the floor and wall meet creating a wet basement.The cause of a wet basement can be minor, easily identified and simply corrected. Discovering the source of your water problem is the first step in fixing your wet basement problem.

Basement Plus Basement Waterproofing ContractorThe first step to waterproofing your basement is to manage your exterior water from the roof line down. If you don’t have gutters installed on your home you’re asking for a classic wet basement. Install gutters and downspouts wherever necessary around the perimeter of your home. Be sure to keep them free of debris with filters for the downspouts and installing screens across the length of the gutters. Downspouts should be directed to carry water out 8 feet from the house’s foundation with an exterior water management system.

Exterior water management systemAnother simple preventative tip for diminishing a wet basement is back filling any settling or low spots that would fill with water, as these tend to invite water into the basement. Sloping the exterior water away from the foundation by extending the downspouts prevents water collection around the outside of the basement walls. Roof water will now be directed along your gutters, flowing through the downspouts and carried safely away with your exterior water management system.

Unprotected window wells are another common source of wet basements. These unprotected window wells act like containers during heavy storms collecting ground water and permitting water to seep into the basement. Protect your low-grade windows with metal or masonry window wells. The bottom of the wells should consist of gravel to support proper drainage.

Wet basement and crawlspace vapor barrierSome basements or crawlspaces are plagued with condensation from atmospheric moisture. Insulating water pipes and promoting good ventilation through sunlight and free movement of air can help decrease the moisture problem.

If your basement or crawlspace is still damp and musty an airtight vapor barrier is your next step to eliminating the problem. VaporBright™ is a multi ply nylon weave and polymer laminate design that prevents any odors and gases from entering the home and affecting you and your family. This brute, puncture and tear resistant vapor barrier locks the moisture out of the crawlspace, creating a clean, dry environment.

When a wet basement does not respond to the above preventive tips, a basement waterproofing system is the next step to eradicate your wet basement and insure the value of your home. There are 3 basic styles of basement waterproofing systems:

  • Hybrid Systems – The waterproofing systems of the future! These systems have significantly increased longevity and are the most cost effective systems on the market today. They are an ideal solution to all basement waterproofing needs. Learn More…

  • Footer Systems – Integrate the reliable baseboard style system with the tried-and-true subfloor waterproofing system. Theses systems draw water seepage from the footings as well as any basement wall seepage. Learn More…

  • Non-Invasive Systems – Ideal remedy for basement waterproofing without the need for digging, trenching or jack hammering. These systems are great for poured or block wall foundations. Learn More…

Our contractors will properly identify the origin of your water seepage and pick the ideal basement waterproofing system to correct the problem. Our waterproofing systems will protect the value of your home, leaving you with a clean, dry basement for years to come. Let us turn your wet basement into a comfortable room suitable for your home and family. Get your free estimate today!

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