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Glass Block Windows

These windows are 3-inch thick break resistant windows that offer Thermal efficiency which enhances home security.  They are weather tight and can help prevent mold growth and any moisture issues within your household.  Glass block windows are installed by removing all the wood and metal associated with your existing window.  The new window will be custom designed for your home and cemented to the foundation.  This will keep your home security safe and free of bugs, rodents, and pests.  Glass block windows can be installed with a dryer vent block, where you can vent your dryer out through the window, and the windows can also be installed solid glass block or center-vented.  Basement Plus always recommends installing these windows with center-vents for ventilation purposes.  Ask for information about our custom designed interior "Slate" window sills.  These look great and add value to your home.

Custom Steel Window Well Covers

These custom window will covers are great for eliminating water from entering basement window wells.  Placed directly against the exterior wall, these covers are custom-fitted to protect the entire window well and to force all of the water to flow away from the house instead of sitting in the window well and creating a path to enter the basement or crawlspace.  In many cases, Basement Plus will build up the window wells in the attempt to help prevent the water from entering under the window well.  By building up your window well, and have a custom made steel window well cover force the water away from your house, water and moisture problems will be eliminated.  With a lifetime warranty, these look great and add value to your home.

Vinyl Windows

Installing vinyl windows in your home, whether in your basement in any other floor in the house, can add value right away.  Vinyl windows, when installed correctly, are terrific windows that require very little maintenance.  Because they are vinyl, right off the bat you'll never need to paint them.  Single sash lock or duel lock vinyl windows are very secure and they are weather tight.  Great with ventilation, vinyl windows look great in any home and in any room.

Louvered Interior Bifold Doors

Great for closet, laundry, HVAC, and storage doors.  These bifold doors are solid core wood and are great for ventilation.  Can be combined in four-door configurations for larger access (utility rooms / laundry rooms).  Easy to install, easy to maintain, what's not to like about these great doors? 

Pre-Hung Doors

Can be solid wood doors or high density fiberboard doors.  Easy to paint and easy to maintain these doors look wonderful whereever they are installed.  Choosing fancy door hardware, or painting these doors unique colors can change the entire atmosphere of a room and can greatly increase the value of a home.
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